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Original Pirate Material

Original Pirate Material

You have to hear it to believe it...

Original Pirate Material is a 9-part podcast series. Recorded from three different countries over the course of a couple of years, OPM gives an intimate insight into the mind of Captain Tonz. Recounting his days as a Peiran Pirate, he reflects on a life spent in the grey area of maritime law. 

As he reveals definitive moments on the high seas, he also shares his philosophical approach to piracy, inspired by the marauding sailors of Ancient Greece and a unique perspective on our relationship with the sea. Each episode sees Derren (a trained journalist) and James (a pirate enthusiast) probe Tonz to separate the romantic from the real; fact from swashbuckling fiction.  

Find out more here: https://www.originalpiratematerial.co.uk/